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What Does the Boeing 737 Max 8 Jet Grounding Mean for the Airline Industry?

Two deadly crashes in Boeing’s 737 Max 8 Jets in just five months is leaving many wondering what this means for the airline industry – and more specifically, Boeing. According to Boeing, the jet is the fasting-selling airplane in the company’s history, with more than 4,700 orders from more than 100 customers worldwide. While designed […]

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Things to Consider when Buying a Plane

Thinking of purchasing a plane? It’s certainly not an easy decision or one to be taken lightly. One of the biggest mistakes people make is focusing too intently on the look and feel of the plane itself, without considering all of the logistical demands surrounding it, namely any training and equipment needs on your part […]

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Tips for Choosing an Aircraft Owner Trustee

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations allow non-U.S. citizens or companies to transfer the legal title of an aircraft to a trustee who is a citizen of the U.S., through a vehicle known as an aircraft owner trust. Through an operating agreement, the purchaser or beneficiary maintains and operates the aircraft, while the trustee holds the […]

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Take a Ride in the World’s Most Affordable Private Jet

The Vision is the industry's most modern, technologically-advanced general aviation jet and is supposed to be easy to fly for those with a pilot's license, according to aircraft broker Ed Dahlberg, president of Emerald Aviation. Compared to direct competitors like the Cessna Mustang and the Phenom, which cost around $4 million, the Vision is a big draw, Dahlberg says.

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They’re Giddy in the Private-Jet Industry at Dawn of Trump Era

Ever since the U.S. presidential election, Ed Dahlberg has pretty much had a smile on his face. He brokers the sale of private jets, and already he’s seeing interest pick up and used-aircraft prices starting to firm up. The sale of a single-engine turboprop aircraft that he recently handled went for about 5 percent more […]

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Stormy skies: Bombardier flies a risky flight path

Bombardier is spending heavily to bring some key new aircraft to market and reassert itself in an increasingly cutthroat industry. But first Canada’s planes and trains giant must push hard to pull out of a worrisome descent.

Emerald Aviation’s President, Ed Dahlberg, quoted from article below:
It’s not necessarily that the $70-million Gulfstream G650 is such a […]

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