Two deadly crashes in Boeing’s 737 Max 8 Jets in just five months is leaving many wondering what this means for the airline industry – and more specifically, Boeing. According to Boeing, the jet is the fasting-selling airplane in the company’s history, with more than 4,700 orders from more than 100 customers worldwide. While designed to provide unparalleled “flexibility, reliability and efficiency in the single aisle market”, the short time span between the two crashes has certainly called the Federal Aviation Administration into question for safety standards, prompting requests for a formal audit of the FAA’s process for approvals.

It’s anyone’s guess what the complete impact of the crashes and subsequent 737 Max Jet grounding will be. Many predict that the most immediate impact on the industry will likely be aimed at passengers, as flight capacity may be limited for the foreseeable future. With airlines being forced to reduce flights or find replacement planes for their 737 Max 8 Jets, consumers could see ticket prices increase to accommodate the increased demand.