Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations allow non-U.S. citizens or companies to transfer the legal title of an aircraft to a trustee who is a citizen of the U.S., through a vehicle known as an aircraft owner trust. Through an operating agreement, the purchaser or beneficiary maintains and operates the aircraft, while the trustee holds the legal title and files for FAA registration.

Securing an FAA registration is the predominant reason owners seek out a trust, but there are many other reasons for a trust, including convenience or structural purposes.

“When it comes to selecting the right owner trustee, you definitely want to be sure that they have a solid history of trusts and registrations,” says Ed Dahlberg, President of Emerald Aviation. “Your owner trustee will be responsible for ensuring FAA compliance along with title and registration requirements. This is not a responsibility to be taken lightly, and it’s important to find a trustee who is responsive, transparent and highly experienced.”

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